Nuno Felted Jacket Merino wool Cardigan Forest green Wearable Art clothing


Nuno Felted Jacket Merino wool and Silk Cardigan Forest green Wearable Art clothing


This nuno felted jacket is made with felted soft superfine merino wool (18 micron) and delicate Margilan silk gauze combined together using the wet Nuno felting technique. The forest green wool cardigan is seamless, luxurious and is an explosion of textures as I used different fibers for decor such as: Mulberry silk fibers, Silk hankies, Viscose fibers, Wool yarn and I decorated it with hand-embroidered beads. The enameled buttons are handmade by me as well. 

Tops length 65 cm
Chest circumference 100 cm
Hips 116 cm
Size 36-42 (S-M)
Model normally wears size 36 (S)


Wool is naturally resistant to dirt and absorbs water very slowly making it possible to remove any potential stains quickly with a wet cloth (dab, do not rub aggressively). Like any silk/ wool product, avoid warm water and agitation which may cause shrinkage. Gently hand wash in lukewarm water approximately at 30C (86F) with appropriate wool/silk detergent/soap if needed. Rinse in cool water a number of times until water runs clear. Gently squeeze out water (avoid wringing). Roll in a towel to remove excess water, hang or lay flat to dry. Reshape with hands while damp if necessary or with an iron set for SILK or WOOL. Steam Iron is also okay to use.

Please notice: Felt will shrink and lose shape if machine washed or tumble dried.