Pure silver 999 with Rock Crystal Clear Quartz necklace and earrings set


OOAK PMC fine silver jewelry. Pendant pure silver 999 with Cubic zirconia, Rock Crystal Clear Quartz and Argentium sterling silver necklace and earrings set.


Please notice! This necklace is SOLD but if you would like a piece designed for you in a similar color palette or shape, feel free to contact me.

The delicate free-formed focal was made by me using Fine Silver Precious Metal Clay (PMC) and decorated with Cubic Zirconia in the center. The chain has been hand-crafted using Rock Crystal Clear Quartz faceted round beads and Argentium sterling silver (High tarnish resistance). The matching earrings are simple high quality Rock Crystal Clear Quartz briolettes wire wrapped in Argentium sterling silver. 

What is PMC? A unique form of pure silver (mainly composed of recycled silver particles) suspended in an organic binder. In this clay-like state it allows PMC artists to form and sculpt metal clay by hand. When fired at high temperatures by torch or in a jeweler's kiln, the binder burns off and the silver particles are fused together. The result is a one-of-a-kind pure silver piece (.999) purer than Sterling silver (.925)