Mens necklace Spiral chainmaille necklace sterling silver


Part of my Mens jewelry collection. Heavy sterling silver mens Spiral chainmaille necklace with clean lines and crisp, minimalistic feeling.

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This is a substantial, weighty and masculine piece of jewelry for everyday apparel or a special occasion. Each hefty, 18 gauge sterling silver ring is hand coiled, hand cut, and polished smooth before weaving the necklace and again polishing to a high shine. It’s finished with a simple lobster clasp for easy, secure fastening.

Length: 24.5" (62 cm)
Weigh: ~ 2.12 oz (~ 60 g)
Width: 0.30" (7.5 mm)

Please notice: Spiral weave can be worn in two different ways, either loose/relaxed (see the last picture) or twisted into a spiral. If you wish to wear it as a spiral, just twist the ends to coil it and close the necklace. Once you're wearing it, it'll stay coiled.

The necklace can be oxidized upon request - no extra charge.

Chain maille is an ancient art of weaving together individual rings to create simple and elegant jewellery. This chain takes a long time to make and uses a lot of Silver. The rings being linked together one at a time with two pairs of pliers, each ring being linked into four others!

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